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Originally Posted by wheelywheel View Post
I would be afraid of using petrol (gasoline) -- do you really do that? Kerosene has a lower flash point, I think but is smelly. I used to use that many years ago but switched to paint thinner (mineral spirits). Probably even that caused me brain damage back in the day. None that I can see now, though.
Petrol only ignites from open flame.
Only petrol, no need for a flame thrower on this job, lol.

Fumes from like 500ml of petrol in an open space igniting? Not even Bear Grylls can make that fire.

What will set the petrol on fire, will set acetone, mineral spirits or alcohol on fire too. If that's a concern for people (clumsy or whatever) stick to water based degreasers, don't risk it, bike maintenance is not that important, lol.

I clean my bikes outside and don't have any sniffing habits heh.
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