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Yes, we are starting in St. Jean. The first day will only be about 5 miles or so since this is her first real "hike". I will take the small roads to the east and south to Roncevalles the next day. While I don't mind gravel, I do not like to "hike-a-bike" if possible. I still haven't really come up with too many "side routes" but am always looking for ideas. The country roads between St. Jean and Roncevalles have fantastic scenery though. I will probably do a lot of sitting and watching since my wife and I will mostly be sharing a room each night except for those times when I find a wonderful 2-5 days loop I can do. But through Pamplona, I have committed to staying each night with her until she gets more confident.

I sort of wish the USA had something like this but I doubt the American mentality would allow that. Too many lazy people who would rather just drive over here.
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