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Originally Posted by thook View Post
Almost impossible? Meaning they are out there, though?

I've had some of those Cinelli's and didn't like them. IIRC, the drips kinda cambered in a tad and felt awkward. I sold mine, too...relunctantly. They still looked nice and....you know....bling points

I hear you on the brake levers. It's not a great solution for me as I have tried that. By the time I get the levers up there I've completely compromised my ability to comfortably operate the brakes from the drops. I know....trade offs...lol! I

I have tried a few different levers for their length. Still no cigar. Short fingers, I guess, because I do wear a men's M size glove. I know also there are levers (ie. Tektro) with short reach for small hands. I haven't tried that because I've already invested in the rather nice levers I have. Not to sound difficult towards a solution, but I would have to sell them before acquiring anything else. And, there's other reasons I really like them....ie. nice flat transition riding on the hoods
Well, aside from the aforementioned Cinellis, which would qualify, I don't know, but I'm leaving the door open for others who know of other models. Cinelli 64s notwithstanding, from what I've seen and not seen, my inclination is heavily toward "There are really no short reach classic bend bars". I understand wanting to operate from both the hoods and the drops, as I do as well. I would start researching yourself and get ready for some trips down many rabbit holes. Specific problems need specific solutions (and/or compromises on certain things), and the burden to furnish those solutions is often on the person with the problem/situation. I'd take a real good run at all Nitto's offerings, ones sold both here and abroad. They don't list all they sell on their website, and neither does anyone else, but everywhere I turn I keep finding out more Nitto bar models I didn't think existed or were sold/available.

What bikes (aka photos) are they going on? Sometimes a different perspective can help get us to be ok with changing an element that we didn't want to on a bike. [This is not some hippy, deferential-to-a-fault, it's-all-good suggestion--sticking to principle is important and all too fleeting today, but if one is in a jam like this, something has to give]
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