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Originally Posted by djb View Post
John, as Hobbes mentioned, the walkers often form into iimprovised "groups" that they really enjoy travelling with, or at least socializing with each day. I know my wife really liked this aspect of it, and spoke very positively of her "circle" of a group that were most often in the same alberque each night etc, so this may happen with your wife also, enabling more "free" time for you to do your own thing for a few days.

of course every person is different, but it certainly was the case with my wife.

I do know that due to the heat, my wife and friends were real early risers and departers, so that they would get a good chunk of the days distance done before it got too stinking hot. No, I can't recall what months she did it....I'll have to ask.
I could see her getting into a little group. Sort of hope she does so she has company. If she does, great, if not, that is fine too. I will survive touring alone in Spain. Don't have pity on me!

What is weird is that everyone says it gets so hot. Yet, I look at the weather data from, in most places the average high is only 80* at the peak in August. A few places get warmer to mid-80s but not too many. Sure it can be hotter (or cooler) by 10* but being from Oklahoma, we think but 80 is wonderful. Anyway, we are going in mid-May through June (then a couple of weeks seeing France) so we should only get low to mid-70s for the highs. I am actually more worried about the cool mornings. Then, after we get adjusted to the "coolness" of Europe, we head back to Tulsa in mid-July for its mid-90s. That will be a shock to the system.
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