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Originally Posted by thook View Post
Lol...well, like I said, I'm probably searching for a unicorn. Perhaps I could revisit the Cinelli if I knew what the specs are on it. And, if it's in the range as you say, maybe I could tweak that camber on it. <<shhh!!>> (Pretty sure Bruce Gordon and Cunningham had done that) I did like how they looked. Just not how they felt.

Actually, I've been researching this curiosity for some time now even before these larger frames I"m currently trying to outfit. That's how I'd come across the compact "noodle" B174 (as seen above) maybe two or three years ago. I'd have those already if I could even afford them. Someday maybe I can. I know the simplest solution here, though; is just get a short reach technomic...like 70mm. And, I did shoot for that on ebay about a month ago. The seller advertised it as 70mm, but turns out to be an 80mm. Trading that 80mm out with someone here on BF is on the table.

The one I'm targeting at the moment is a '85 Super Le Tour with a 57cm top tube, so I'd really like the classic bar look for it. The other one, on the back burner, is a '93 Mongoose Cross Way hybrid/drop bar conversion and will likely get that Nitto B151 compact I'd mentioned above. It'd look better on there than the Schwinn, to me. Anyway, I'm 5'6 and long legged. So, I realize one aspect of the fit is iffy, but the other aspects work in getting the bars up to the saddle top level. Even a technomic is near maxed vertically. (32.5 in PBH and a toe dipper, at that)

These frames have been an ongoing back and forth since I've had them, so I'm not hard up for a handlebar being the fit solution. It's just one of those curiosities I keep coming back to and hadn't been willing to give up on. Like you with Nitto offerings, I'm sometimes surprised something's out there I didn't know existed. It's why I started the thread....reaching out after a few years of looking into it mostly on my own before "bothering" anyone with my obsession....lol!

ps. I'll check out the link you posted. And, I'll keep looking at Nitto's stuff, too. Thanks!!
pps. Yeah...pics. My only way to photograph is an old android. Not very good..meh
Sounds like you've been in the trenches for a while on this. I think the M151 on the newer Mongoose would work well as it doesn't conform to vintage lugged steel norms. Hybrid indeed. Finding out about the B714 compact Noodle was really cool for me as well (and I was trying to remember it the other day). A 75mm reach is as good as any compact profile bar on the market, so to me that sounds like the best option. I love the Noodle shape.
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