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Originally Posted by KCT1986 View Post
The RD-5701 is the later version of the 5700 series RD and is rated for 30T low gear, so 32T may be possible.

Not sure if the elliptical ring will make a difference since it causes more movement of the cage and the pulley's possible distance to the cog.

Give it a try... Let us know
Re-installed the RD 5700 with the 32 tooth sprocket. It seems to work ok. Except for the 11 and 12 cog with the 34 sprocket where the chain almost rubs on the upper pulley. I would not use those cogs with the 34 sprocket anyway.
I had to turn the RD adjustment screw all the way in to reduced the chance of the chain rubbing.
I will need to ride the bike to see how smooth the shifting is.
Luckily the storms have passed and the weather will be good to the next days.
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