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Originally Posted by yannisg View Post
Yes, I mean the B screw I forgot its name.
This happens with the 34 sprocket where the chain is at its slackest.
I was considering getting an 11 spd right shifter and use my Ultegra 6800 RD, but the cost is high so hopefully I can get by with the above setup.
Glad to hear that you're able to get it to shift to the 32T rear cog.

The chain rubbing at the pulley wheel while in the slackest combo is going to happen even if the chain is the correct length. If you have 50/34T, or similar chainrings, the short cage RD does not have the total take-up capacity (34) to maintain tension. You would need a GS version RD to increase the capacity. Staying out of the 11/12T while in the small chainring is advisable in any case.
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