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Originally Posted by DrWJODonnell
I sprint in the drops. I need to be able to shift during a sprint. Therefore mine are horizontal (or nearly so, depending on the bike) so that I can get the most power for my sprint without angling my wrists dangerously.

Another point is not so much the bar angle (though it is important) but brake hood position...I see many who keep their hoods so high on the bars that the levers point well forward of the front axle.
I think allot of that is attributed to Lance. He sets his levers real high on the bar and I think allot of people have copied it. I find it more comfortable to have the levers higher when I ride on the hoods, I can sit up a bit more, but in the drops I don't have an effective reach to the levers, so I don't raise the levers. Better to be safe and efficent than comfortable in one riding position.
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