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Over the years I've tried a variety of shoe covers, and generally I've found that anything with a zipper in front eventually leaks in heavy rain (and particularly with water coming off of the front wheel even with a longer fender). I've been look for a gaiter style add on that covered the laces of my cold/wet weather SPD cycling shoes (MTB low cut shoe and an MTB mid height boot for really bad weather). These shoe choices have also meant that the traditional road style (tighter fit) covers I've tried haven't worked out either.

I'm also cheap and didn't want to go with dedicated serious bad weather boots or $100+gaiters/covers.

I recently found a Danish company (GripGrab.com) that produces a variety of effective show covers. I got the very unattractive (but bearable if pants are pulled over them) and so far very effective DRYFOOT WATERPROOF EVERYDAY SHOE COVERS 2. Loose enough fit to cover my mid boots and seriously waterproof. These aren't insulated but the extra wind proof layer helps to add some extra degrees of comfort. Prices aren't bad (less than North American made options, but more than the Asian sourced low end stuff on Amazon) and the shipping was very reasonable (~$10 5day shipping to North America).

So far they've worked well in some rainy conditions and now they're being to be tested in the cold and wet/slushy conditions. They appear to be reasonably well made (good seams etc.) ... so far the only thing I'd change is the position of the elastic under the shoe, it needs to go back a bit to fit better in the arch area (so less potential for wear when walking in them).

No company affiliation or compensation or anything like that ... just a pleasantly surprised customer.
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