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Installing seat in Burley Solo trailer

After rather a lot of vomit I took the seat out of a Burley Solo trailer (2018) in order to thoroughly clean everything. A few parts needed replacing so there was some delay whilst I waited for them to arrive. Now Iím trying to put it back together and of course I canít work out how.

The bottom of the back of the seat - where the seat goes from being horizontal to vertical - has two straps with eyelets and I felt sure they bolted to the two holes in the bars of the frame found at about the right spot. However the eyelets in the seat arenít wide enough by about 10mm. Have I shrunk the seat somehow? I did put it in the washing machine as the last step of cleaning but not on a hot wash. Or does this just take a lot of stretching to

I also have a separate strap with eyelets in each end. I thought it went on the same bolts as the seat, just underneath - i.e. between the seat and the frame. The marks on the seat eyelets though suggest they were directly on top of the bars of the frame. I canít work out what the functional reason for the strap is.

Has anyone had any experience reassembling a Burley child trailer? Or has one and can take a look how the seat is attached?

I couldnít find any exploded diagrams actually showing the seat, just the frame :-( Obviously I should have taken photos when disassembling butÖwell there was a lot of vomitÖ

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