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*When* to Bike Bit - Working out Imbalances

It would take too long to write down all the details here, and I don't want to bore you all, so I'll provide a summary of me and my bikes (fits) and then my current state and the question.

- I have a custom geometry road bike (14 years now) and it generally fits really well. I had a bike fit 2 years ago and after some minor adjustments (saddle more forward, handlebars down 5mm), the only one thing I feel like I need to address is reach, because on a long ride I get a sore neck / shoulders. But I feel very comfortable on the saddle and don't get many leg pains, other than achilles tendon which I mention below
- I've had about 5-7 'other' bikes over the last 10+ years, many of which were too big (looking back I realize this now)
- I have a new 'gravel' bike that is more road geometry (steeper ST/HT) than previous slacker bikes I've had but didn't like. Rides on this bike have been good so far (I'm not trying to solve a fit issue with this bike...more below)

Current State
- I had a bike fit 3 months ago and at the time it was pointed out to me that I have some imbalances that should be addressed first before fitting
- 5 weeks ago I had a spill on my road bike (all good now), during physio I mentioned to the PT these imbalances and history of fitting issues, as well as achilles tendonitis on my right side that I had over 15 years ago (and subsequent soreness from hiking, and occasionally during cycling). PT measure for leg length discrepancies and everything was in balance, but muscle tightness on right side (lower leg) was evident, and I also had a history of tightness in left glute and he also assessed both hip areas as being very weak

Next Steps
- PT has me doing a series of stretches after riding or long walks, and I've already noticed some improvement as muscles are generally looser (I wasn't stretching enough after efforts)
- I'm also doing some strengthening exercises, but he said this will take many months to improve as due to muscle memory I've been cycling around these imbalances for very long

I'm wondering if/when I should look at my bike fitting (road bike, and new gravel bike); a bike fitter I've spoken with said he would assess me on both bikes and take it from there, but I mentioned I was working through these issues...but I'm not sure if it makes sense to go for a fitting anytime soon?
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