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Originally Posted by bmp776 View Post
...I can tell you it does have bottle bosses, not sure what you mean by lack of miters I just meant the BB lugs are just straight miters, no curved or ornate design....Any idea on the possible frame manufacturer T-Mar?...
When you said, "There are no DT bosses, just the locator for the campagnolo clamp on DT shifters it has", I took it to mean that there were no bottle bosses, as they are typically located on the down tube. Tube and chain stay ends are rarely mitered if the BB shell has flat ended sockets. This socket style allows more contact area for brazing of non-mitred tubes and chainstays.

Sorry, I don't know the manufacturer who used this format. It could be Japanese but I'm not sure. There are probably dozens of 1980s Japanese manufacturers who aren't covered by the guide.
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