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Originally Posted by Andy Somnifac View Post
It's way more than just tactics. There's a whole host of techniques and knowledge to learn before even moving on to race tactics.
^- This. I cringe anytime a new racer says the words "tactics". I can only think of maybe 2 people that needed to actually consider tactics in a "cat 5" race. One was the brother of a world tour pro and ended up having to deeply consider going pro after his second year of racing. The other ended up a pro within 2 years.

Even then their tactic consideration was more along the lines of "should I just try and drop everyone right at the start or is there value in waiting until closer to the end."

While I don't know the OP and I am not trying to insult anyone I do know I can simply go based on the real odds and say that they aren't in the same group as these two. Therefore any talk of "tactics" simply brings to mind the famous Mike Tyson quote:

Originally Posted by Mike Tyson
Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.
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