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Time to start on the Zeus. Just placing a few things finger tight (and nothing is cleaned/polished yet, so not “pretty”) on the frame and a couple of early photos are below. I am already finding:

(a) The nice fork I bought her on C&V/BF looks great, but the steerer is long and the top nut bottoms out while about 9/16” of threads are still exposed. Hmmm, if I could locate a spacer to fill that instead of cutting the steerer, I could leave the bars higher while not sourcing a long stem, right? Looks like plenty of support for the stem. Anyone know where to get such a spacer, or do I need a “stack”?

(b) It has been 45 years but I am pretty sure the bar and stem came to me together; I knew someone with a Favorit bike and was upgrading one component at a time and I bought these from him. I like the combination of steel and aluminum on the stem, to me it “looks right” on a track bike. Oddly, there is no raised center section on the bars and the stem really does not want to tighten down snug, so right now there’s an aluminum-foil shim (!) for display purposes only. I have not micrometer’ed the bar yet and doing so on the stem could get interesting unless I can get the bars out. Also, I may be missing (or in the wrong box in storage) the vertical stem bolt, but I have the correct keyed/threaded ‘plug’ at the bottom. Moreover, it might be an optical illusion but the bars might be a wee bit bent on one side, no idea if I can straighten or am I bar shopping?

(c) My stash of seat posts, one of which was surely on the bike, includes a couple far too small and one so tight it might be wrong too. Time to hone the seat tube, clean/polish the post and measure with a micrometer.

(d) Cranks/bottom bracket are a mesh-mash I put together in late 1974. You se the Chater-Lea crank and chainring, I only have the 23T ring and I see a few Chater-Lea rings in both 1” and 1/2” pitches on eBay, but OUCH! Then again, if I knew the BCD I could explore non-Chater-Lea alternatives. I did not put any bearings in yet, I presume the ring won’t rub on the chainstay because it used to be there before, but looks a bit close. Before I get into spacers, I need to check chainline. Spindle is “Bayless” and the cups are Campy, all look unworn which is good. Both cups right-hand threads by the way, marked “35x1” and I need to get my old Sutherland’s out to see what that is (French? Swiss?) One chainring bolt is mismatched so there’s another project to locate one.

(e) I am installing a brake this time, one on the front only. I looks like I need about 45mm reach; I have some Campy and some Weinmann 500 calipers in my stash — or I might need something else. As for a lever, I was thinking about a lever for upright bars but mounted next to the stem for access when on the tops of the bars. If I decide on more traditional levers, I do recall seeing once a “dummy” rest for the non-brake side, I suspect for stokers on a tandem - but no idea what they are called or if available.

(f) With the wheels being new, less to worry about there. In case of a flat while riding, would wing nuts be a smarter idea than simply carrying wrenches? It looks like I have adequate but not huge tire clearance, and I have a new set of Continental GP5000’s with the tan sidewalls, which might look good on the bike.

(g) Have not yet selected some detail items like a saddle, pedals and handlebar tape.

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