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Bikes: Too many to list

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N+3 (old BMX bikes )

These bikes are all technically old --- but are repro's of classic machinery . The BMX section seems to cater more to new school interests and to people who actually ride these things than to someone like me -- plus 90% of my postings are in this area anyway

But bittersweet dragging these home. They belong to my now 18 year old nephew. The little Hoffman 16" bike i purchased for him when he was 3. The critter is a real freestyle/dirt jump spec machine and is built like a tank --- the axles are so beefy for a kids bike that the shop had to file the training wheel brackets extensively to get them to fit ---- But as of late has been sitting in my brother's attic for an unknown amount of time and has the resulting corrosion on the bare metal bits and chain to show for it . I'm going to restore it mechanically, but my brother and i both agreed it would be nice to find someone appreciative to "rehome" it to -- otherwise it will wind up as wall art

2nd up is a factory repro of the famous SE Quadangle . SE bikes has a guerilla marketing capaign on Instagram and other places that has upped the ante on the value of even the repro's to silly numbers considering they are pretty basic machines stock, but i purchased this for him when he was getting too big for the little pit bike -- i cant recall the year - maybe 2009? Christmas present. I'll likely never ride a 20" machine again, --- so another wall art project

NExt up is another repro - this one a 26" OM Flyer --- Was originally mine and i played around on BMX tracks and pump tracks with it a bit, but when the nephew started High School wrestling and was needing a cardio machine , i gifted it to him.
What goes around comes around i guess - so i think i will just see if the tires will hold air, then hit the pump track with it for old times sake

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