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Originally Posted by steelbikeguy View Post
a simple bulb could work if it is the right bulb. I'm not sure how easy it is to find the right bulb. Basically, it should be rated for the voltage and current that the dynamo produces.
Even with a bulb, it would be good to measure the voltage across the bulb, to know if the dynamo output is up to spec. Of course, you'd have to know the spec... and I haven't looked it up.
Isn't the dynamo output rated at 1.8 watts or something? I don't know if that is 6v at 0.3A or some other combination of voltage and current.

Steve in Peoria
I use a B&M IQ-X on mine, and it gives a lot of light. It's probably not as bright as the same lamp on a modern hub, but without doing a side-by-side comparison, I'm not sure if I can tell the difference. I was pleasantly surprised by how bright it is, very usable, better than a modern dynamo with an incandescent bulb.

I've used Dyno-Hubs with the original correct incandescent, and the light is somewhere in the paltry to pitiful range.

Mark B
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