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Originally Posted by bulgie View Post
I use a B&M IQ-X on mine, and it gives a lot of light. It's probably not as bright as the same lamp on a modern hub, but without doing a side-by-side comparison, I'm not sure if I can tell the difference. I was pleasantly surprised by how bright it is, very usable, better than a modern dynamo with an incandescent bulb.

I've used Dyno-Hubs with the original correct incandescent, and the light is somewhere in the paltry to pitiful range.

Mark B
I've heard favorable comments about using modern LED headlights with dynohubs from other sources too. It also suggests that the dynamo is producing 6v with that load. A further reading of Sheldon's (and John Allen's) info on the dynohub does specifically state that it is intended to be a 6v dynamo.

I fully agree that dynamos with incandescent bulbs produces a barely tolerable stream of photons.
How did we ever survive? Of course, I do recall augmenting my little Jos block dynamo with a Cateye Micro II light. Between the two of them, I managed to see most potholes and roadkill.

Steve in Peoria
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