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I've got an almost identical twin to the brown Sports above that I bought off CL last year this time, it had been listed for two years for half that amount. The woman who had it said I was the first one to even email, let alone show up with cash. Mine is a shade darker but also a later 70's model with the tall rear reflector and newer chain guard. It was lsted for $700, I left with it for $90. I also bought a spare set of wheels, and a near new ladies Free Spirit three speed bike. I gave the Free Spirit a few shots of oil and a wax job and sold it the next day for three times what I paid for the whole mess.
It was the first minty clean, nearly rust free bike I've found around here. Most are a rusty mess, and rarely do I find any with good wheels.
Even being as clean as mine was, i still tore it completely apart and went over everything on it, giving it a new set of original 'Raleigh' Scripted gumwall tires to keep it looking like it did day one. I hate the look of gumwall tires though, If I decide to keep it, which I most likely will have to since these simply do not sell here, I'll have to find an appropriate set of black tires for it,.
I'm not sure what's up with CL and FB here but there's just no buyers lately, nothing sells, regardless of price. I've found bikes and other items for sale that I had missed months ago that should no way still be there but they always are, regardless of the price. I've even picked up a few nice bikes for free that were listed there for months. I just drove 10 miles to pickup a 1960 Royal Crown that was listed under the free section, it came with two well used beach cruisers and a small frame early 70's Schwinn Continental.
The RC is completely rideable as is, its a 21" frame but its like brand new. The Schwinn is in fair shape mostly just needed bar tape and tires.
I won't likely mess with the Schwinn because it simply won't sell for enough here to cover the cost of two tires and tubes, let alone my time, some bar tape, and maybe new cables. The RC is a keeper, its just that clean, even if its a bit small. A taller seat post will make it rideable. Once the weather warms a bit I'll get some pics up of it.
I stuffed it in the shed outback when i got back with it and got back into the heat here.
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