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Originally Posted by JulesCW View Post
Surely you're not implying that the depiction of the amount of light cast by vintage dynamos and bulbs in these vintage advertisements is hyperbolic?
I'm pretty sure that if I look up the word "advertisement" in a thesaurus, it will list "hyperbolic" as a synonym.

But... to some degree, if you are accustomed to feeble headlights, you'll be happy with something slightly less feeble. Another factor is the ambient light environment. If you are having to deal with the feeble headlights of cars with 6v electrical systems, these vintage lights might not be that bad. By comparison, I see so many modern cars with really bright headlights that are blinding. There's also the tendency of people to turn on their fog lights as a regular driving light. Terrible.

Even with my feeble Jos block dynamo, it wasn't bad on really dark roads. Once your eyes adapt to the dark, not that much light is needed.

Steve in Peoria
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