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Originally Posted by gster View Post
I agree with you.....
I was born at St Joe's Hospital (1959) and have lived there most of my life.
It's not the city it used to be.
If you like streets lined with coffee shops and pot shops, you may find it to
your liking...
I've given up my Toronto History blog but ther's some good stuff here
Toronto History Blog:
Cities change, folks. Sometimes it won't be to your liking, either. And nostalgia and getting older will mean that you'll pine for some time in the past. But you can't expect the place you live to be frozen in amber.

There's things that I miss about the Portland I moved to twenty years ago. And I don't like the increased cost of living. But any place that's somewhat cool and desirable is going to change like this. You can find a cheaper place to move to (if a city), but then you'll just be the vanguard of gentrification and the process will repeat itself.

I'm going to stick around the place I love and fight for the good things. Complaining is only going to get you so far.

And for the record, I love coffee shops.
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