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They're heavy because they're cheap.

This is ok if you keep her on a small gear on reasonably flat rides, you might have to do a bit of maths gear ratio to bike weight etc.. to satisfy yourself. You're not obsessing about weight the recommended maximum weight bearing load for a kid is 10% of body weight, something I've always given a lot of attention.

BOOG for when you have kids remember - extra weight = early bone consolidation = stunted growth

For a good light ride check out the second hand rail at your local BMX club for a JUNIOR BMX bike, they have well made light frames with good quality 1" alloy wheels.

Even purchased new they're not as expensive as you would think and they do have some resale unlike the department store bikes. eg: I bought one for $500 and sold it three years later for $350 - about the same loss as buying a cheapy with no resale.

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