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Originally Posted by rumrunn6 View Post
getting the pills tonight but got the pill-pockets last night. tried 1 out with the cat. she liked it well enough & ate it right up but then was sticking her tongue out repeatedly like something was stuck to her tongue. over & over so I encouraged her to drink some water, which helped wash it away, or off her tongue. I don't know if we got a bad batch, or if the flavor has a sticky consistency, or what? any recollection of this? do any flavors work better, as-in go right down? I spent $30 on 2 bags, but I don't know if they will actually be used
Ours loved regular Greenie treats, but he only fell for the pill pockets once. When I gave him the pill pocket, I do recall it seemed like it could be a problem with texture, not necessarily flavor. Like he smelled it and it smelled ok, so he got it in his mouth and then he really didn't like what he had, so he swallowed it whole and was licking the inside of his mouth with his abrasive tongue for a minute or two after. And I remember remarking that the pill pockets felt "gooey" in my hands. I think they're often old because they're niche items and stock doesn't move fast, and they may dry out in the bag, which doesn't help

I do recall them being overpriced, also!
If it's a total fail (and it might not be!), many pet stores have return policies for reason: "my cat doesn't eat it". Or if you can't do that, donate them to your local humane society

Keep us posted - I feel like we're all holding our breath for the next step in this saga!
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