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Headset Spacer concerns

As I was musing in another topic, on my 1974 Zeus track bike project, “The nice fork I bought here on C&V/BF looks great, but the steerer is long and the top nut bottoms out while about 9/16” of threads are still exposed. Hmmm, if I could locate a spacer to fill that instead of cutting the steerer, I could leave the bars higher while not sourcing a long stem, right? Looks like plenty of support for the stem.” Well, measuring a bit more accurately, I find that the “excess steerer length” is from 19.9mm when only engaging the top nut threads 1.5 turns (likely not enough, eh?), down to 16.7mm all the way down. Furthermore, there’s a 1.5mm keyed washer which could take the latter figure down to 15mm. Looking online, 15mm x 1” silver aluminum spacers all seem to be out of stock everywhere. Again, is it acceptable to “stack” spacers? And I’ll presume that the existence of such spacers (wow, I’ve seen 40mm ones out there?) implies that such things are indeed used out there, presumably safely.
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