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Handlebar fitment concerns, diameter

As I was musing in another topic, on my 1974 Zeus track bike project, “It has been 45 years but I am pretty sure the bar and stem came to me together; I knew someone with a Favorit bike and was upgrading one component at a time and I bought these from him. I like the combination of steel and aluminum on the stem, to me it “looks right” on a track bike. Oddly, there is no raised center section on the bars and the stem really does not want to tighten down snug.” Well, between them appearing a bit bent and the clamp-down issue, perhaps I should replace the bars and keep the stem; I suspect I’ll have to hacksaw the bars to get them off. The micrometer reads the bar diameter at 23.7mm, and I’ve only found a couple of websites selling classically-shaped bars (I could use advice on sources) and not much below a center diameter of 25.4mm. Are there other sizes out there? If this is some odd Czech-only size perhaps the bar and stem both have to go… sad.
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