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Originally Posted by Steve B. View Post
I had to learn how to pop a pill into a cats mouth, my Maine Coon needed 5 pills every morning.First get out the first aid kit with band aids and wipes. Then we blocked them into a corner of the kitchen counter. That meant they knew right away this wasn't going to be good. Then we grabbed them firmly and with attitude around the head, pill in hand. Then we pried open the little SOB's mouth, usually getting bit a few times in the process. Then we eventually popped the pill deep down their throat, then clamped their jaw shot and kept it shut a minute while they struggled to get away. You then blow on their face, it's supposed to make them swallow. . We would then watch closely a few minutes to see where they wandered off to so as to spit out the pill. If you get it far enough down the throat, they cannot spit it out. Clean wounds and apply band aids.Hiding pills in food never worked, they just ate around the pill.
yikes, sorry to hear all that
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