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Originally Posted by Drillium Dude View Post
If the biggest cog out back on that Salsa is a 28, a short-cage RD would prolly work just fine. If an old-school NR RD can handle a 28, why not a modern slant?

I think many people might think a long cage is needed to get all the gears, but really, who would use the smallest cogs out back with the smallest ring in front? Or big/big? Cross-chaining extremes would likely not work with this setup, but gear-smart riders know the limitations inherent in their drivetrains.

Every time I see a photo of a bike on the Forum in the big/big combination I wince a little and think "those components are going to have a shorter life than normal..."

Of course, YMMV.

Well, the whole reason I started the thread was kind of in light of that. You can read all over the BF subforums about never using a short cage with a triple...or simply never exceed the total capacity. Which I get. There are inherent of them being potentially injurious. But, I never make big/big or small/small combo's. In fact, the '86 Ross Mt Hood I'm modeling after that white Salsa has had a weird issue since I've had it. I can only use the two largest cogs while on the the granny gear or the chain rubs the tail end of the FD cage. I dunno how to fix it. I've tried. I even went to using 46t outer ring instead of the original 48t so I could get the FD mounted lower. Helped a little. Anyway, point is, I can't make small/small combos before the chain rattle on the FD, anyway. So, I may just try using a short or medium cage cyclone RD on it. Curious to see if it will shift any snappier
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