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Originally Posted by thook View Post
It works in conjunction with the quick release. While riding and approaching a descent, for example, flip the quick release open and the saddle drops down from your weight all the while the hite-rite clamp keep the saddle center. Saddle drops and close the release. When you're ready for the saddle to be at normal height, flip the quick release, saddle pops up, and close the release, again. Here's an article I found....
Ah, thank you! I was thinking suspension post vice an early version of a drop post - no wonder I was confused. The other thing on the Salsa that had me scratching my head was that it appears the binder bolt ears are located in front of the seat lug, and that there wasn't a bolt installed. Funky old-school setup! I actually used a modern saddle dropper on a borrowed MTB this past summer and quickly appreciated - and got used to - the technology.

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