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In all of this, I'm figuring out why I don't agree with a lot of the builds, as great as the bikes are. It's just my prejudices, dating back to the late i960s.

1. I don't like the chain to be slack, ever. I understand it's a choice and I did try it, but it always felt odd and was distracting.

2. I don't like to have to remember to have to avoid certain chain position combinations, such as cross-chaining. I have trouble keeping track of what gear I'm in, and my eyes haven't let me look down quickly and scope out the status when I'm beating like crazy trying not to lose too much speed on the uphill. So it's too distracting to have to worry about crossing.

3. Different makers may have different design margins relative to their stated limits. Most of us agree Campy application margins are tighter than those observed by Shimano. I have mostly Campy setups, since I've never warmed up to Shimano brifters compared to Ergopowers. But, I get really upset if I break a derailleur!

Campy's can be manipulated somewhat: a lot of us have used 13/28s with Campy NR which at least in early releases seemed to have 26 limits, and a local shop here tweaked one of my setups to accept a Campy 12/30 10v cassette when it was stated only to run over their 13/29 range, I think they added a link pair and increased wheel setback in the dropout. But they got it done with no looseness. Expensive frame and I was reluctant to risk the chainstay integrity.

So I need to focus on the riding and matching my pedaling to the road/wind conditions. Rather than learn to worry about geari system limitations other than range, I like to set up my shifting systems, downtube friction or Campy Ergopower 10s triples, to go where I tell them right away no matter what. Then I can just maintain the flow as well as my meager muscles will let me!

That's why I never advocate over-limit derailleur systems, because I don't like to deal with the effect of the limits or worry about breaking my stuff. But it is your choice to accept limits in your shifting systems, if it turns out they have any. I've seen all the "textbook" ones and I don't want to accommodate them.

But I prefer to stay within my criteria - observe the limits that derailleurs are made to operate within: maxcog and chain wrap capacity.
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