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Atom freewheel & Normandy hub ?s

The PX-10 I picked up a while back had 27" steel Rigida/Normandy sport replacement wheels on it. I'm going back and forth about whether to try a 650B conversion or do 700c on this rebuild (and the point of the post isn't to start a debate about the pros/cons of 650B and yes, I've taken the measurements....). I've never built a wheel, but ready to learn/try, so while the Normandy Sport hubs aren't exactly high-end, they're what I've got here and they're in pretty good shape, so I'm thinking that's what I'll use for this first attempt.
First question is if there is any way to tell if a rear hub is English or French threaded without removing the freewheel? If it's French, I may not bother using these hubs as I don't think I'll be able to easily find a 6 or 7 sp freewheel with the gearing I want in FR threading (the frame is cold-set to 126mm).
Second question is what tool I need to remove the Atom freewheel? I think it's the Park FR-4, but not 100% sure.
Last question is can a 120mm hub be used for 6/7sp in a 126mm spaced rear triangle? It's my understanding that it can with the addition of a spacer(s) and (if needed) a longer axle.

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