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Originally Posted by noobinsf View Post
Maybe the bars are supposed to be 23.8 and it's just a tight fit (or corroded together?). Sheldon's crib sheet says in row 2 that obsolete British steel drop bars would have been sized at 23.8mm at the clamp:
Not a tight fit at the center, indeed I cannot get the stem to tighten on the bars. Hard for me to remember what I was doing 47.5 years ago or where I sourced stuff; there's some nasty scarring on the first bend on one side like I once tried to separate the bars/stem and failed (why would they design bars with no raised center section???) And that crib sheet does not show much anywhere near what I am measuring. I smell deep dark trouble...

So I am inclined to locate some nicer bars; perhaps start with a WTB here at C&V/BF? Not tied to a particular brand, maybe GB, or TTT or, hmm, what other brands should I be considering? And I'm right that the only diameter to worry about is at the clamp, no? With all 1'" steerers, the insertion diameter is a constant? That does not sound right, there's no universal diameter for anything.
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