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Originally Posted by Greg R View Post
This 1974 Superbe is the latest acquisition. It's missing the front light, but the rear red one works. Thanks to this board I've avoided mistakes in getting the alternator working. The former owners took some care with it keeping the paint in good shape. Mechanically it needed work. The SA hub was gummy, rusty, and I never saw gears so worn. All bearings were "dry" and/or crusty. the brakes way out of adjustment, and worst of all it had tan or off white tires. The tires were Schwalbe but white does not set well with a green frame for my taste. Couple of weeks later I put new black Schwalbe tires on. They're easy to work with and ride great. Better than the Kenda I have on the other bikes. White wall would've been a nice touch, but none to be found in stock. I had a hard enough time finding these.

Good work. I mounted the dyno hub on the right side of my Rudge also. Doesn't matter with a Dynohub and I think it balances the look with the chain ring visually. Looks like a 22T cog on your hub? Right now I have a 20T on mine but I think I'll go up to 22 because my legs aren't getting any younger. And my Rudge has the heavier pre- 20-30 frame. Love the B66 saddle. Perfect for a roadster in my opinion.
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