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Originally Posted by Miele Man View Post
Isn't this why Suntour came out with their triple-pulley rear derailleurs design? The two upper pulleys acted as a short cage rear derailleur and then when in the lower gears the forward lowest pulley would take up the chain slack.

I do believe it is the reason. And, of course, the design makes sense. I'm wondering about the whole idea of larger than normal pulleys within all this. I think it's a good idea for short/med cage RD's. I have Suntour 6000 series "med" cage RD with a larger than normal bottom pulley. It won't clear more than a 28t cog (that I know of), but I"m pretty sure it's supposed to be able to handle a triple within reason on total capacity vs the double the bike came with. There's another version of this 6000 that has both pulleys of the same size.
Anyway, probably this will bore anyone here reading this thread, but my Ross mtb started getting me to thinking about doing some mod's on it. It has Suntour XC Sport derailleurs, and I've mentioned this above, but the front derailleur cage drags the chain, so I had to use a smaller outer ring to enable me to lower the front derailleur. Originally when I acquired the bike, I couldn't use any of the cogs except the largest when in the granny before the chain would drag. So, I'm thinking if I can use a 42t ring as the outer ring, I could drop the FD even lower and have a chainset of 42/34/24 and a tighter freewheel or cassette cluster in the back. Like 13-26/28 or 12/26...something like that. Or, cutting things up even further. 42/28 and 13/30 freewheel.Then, I thought after running across the Salsa website maybe I could use that 6000 medium cage because the total capacity would have dropped closer to the 6000's factory range. <<<blah, blah, blah>>>! I don't know. Just messin' around, but it'd clean up the drivetrain removing some redundant gears and give smoother shifting
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