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Originally Posted by squirtdad View Post
+1 on this. I did a new build and did the chain a bit too small and too late to get another chain, but was excited to try the build.... so I went out knowing big/big did not work and was sure I would not go there.

Sure enough end of ride on a MUP and had to deal with uphill and combo of clueless adult, kid, animal and oncoming idiot on an electric fat tire bike, and slammed it into big/big without thinking.
Immediate stop, but was going so slow I was able to reach out, and grab lean on a fence and clipout. at speed it would not have been pretty
I can identify with that!

Like anyone, I hope that I'm a rational person at least 90% of the time. However, I also know that my brain gets distracted now and then, or just starts shutting down due to environmental stresses (heat, hunger, etc) and that is when I'll do something stupid. Better to plan on that "stupid" happening now and then, and making stuff as stupid-proof as possible than to expect myself to be smart all of the time. We all know how that works out!

Steve in Peoria
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