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You can reuse Type G too. If you have let the joint cool you can always add more. What you want to look out for and avoid is surface oxidation caused by heating when there is not enough flux left. Or getting the joint too hot. That ugly black surface. Type G flux seems to clean better than type U. When the surface goes black silver won't stick to it. Getting more flux over that area can sometimes cleanse the surface some.

Does your lab prohibit any kind of oxygen assist or just pressured tanks? I ask because using an oxygen concentrator is an excellent option. Over on Velocipede Salon my subject thread on oxygen concentrators has over 30.000 views. The one on using propane instead of acetylene has over 180,000. Obviously more people are interested in an alternative to oxyacetylene units than amateur frame builders. It is the way home hobbyists in jewelry and lamp making (working with melting glass) can use oxypropane in a home setting. It isn't jut about heat volume or BTUs but the fine flame point that allows me to pinpoint my heat to get clean shorelines.
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