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Originally Posted by ehcoplex View Post
First question is if there is any way to tell if a rear hub is English or French threaded without removing the freewheel?
As Pastor Bob notes, you have to remove the freewheel to check, either measuring the threads directly, trying a bottom bracket cup of known thread spec on the freewheel threads, or finding the sometimes arcane marking on the back of the freewheel body that indicates thread spec.

Second question is what tool I need to remove the Atom freewheel? I think it's the Park FR-4, but not 100% sure.
Yes, Atom uses the same splined pattern as Zeus and later production Regina and Everest. The Park FR-4 will work, or the Bicycle Research CT-2, Zeus, or Phil Wood tools. If the freewheel is mounted on a Campagnolo Record, Zeus, or Phil Wood hub, the Zeus and Phil Wood tools are the only ones that work without having to remove the drive-side locknut and spacer to mount the tool.

Last question is can a 120mm hub be used for 6/7sp in a 126mm spaced rear triangle? It's my understanding that it can with the addition of a spacer(s) and (if needed) a longer axle.
A longer axle and spacers is the preferred solution. You can squeeze the frame, or cold-set it to the narrower width, but doing it right with a longer axle is best.
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