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Originally Posted by gthomson View Post
Was the top tube supposed to be bent like that? I love the bike license on the back. All this talk these days in the non bike community that wish a license/fee would be applied to cyclists. I wonder if that was the same chatter back then?

What did CCM manufacture first, bikes or hockey equipment?
The bend in the top tube is intentional. Colloquially, it is called a "camel back" or "hump back" frame.

In the past, bicycle licensing was intended as more of a theft deterrant. In order to license your bicycle, you had to take it to the local licensing agent (in my region, the police) who recorded the particulars of the bicycle, specifically the serial number. Potential thieves who saw the license, knew the bicycle was registered. Of course, clever thieves would strip the bicycle, file off the serial number or ditch the frame.

CCM was formed the autumn of 1899 by the merger of five Canadian bicycle companies reacting to potential move of the American Bicycle Company conglomerate into Canada. CCM actually stands for Canada Cycle and Motor Co. Ltd. The prime product was bicycles but as the name indicates, they were also were in the nascent automobile industry. The first ice skates were introduced shortly after, for the winter of 1905-1906, utilizing scrap metal from automobile manufacture. These skates were called Automobile Skates, to cash in on the public's fascination with automobiles and as a homage to their origin.

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