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Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
My ride, yesterday, was about 50 mile further south than Brian's so temp was about 45. Still, this time of year, you gotta stay diligent for winte hazards. Any dark area on the pavement could be ice, likely water but don't chance it. Solid ice, black ice or a water/ice mix. Track the sun as, even at 40, shaded areas could still be iced over. If in doubt steer to the north or west edge of the pavement and stop pedaling, coast over it. Or walk.

And be much more watchful for gravel or rock salt, or both. It will be in places that are always clear the rest of the year. Especially watch for rock salt at intersections where the trucks slow for stop signs or traffic but do not close the gate. Oh, and when plowed snow melts, chunks of ice will tumble back onto the pavement. Winter is a bad time for distracted riding.

yeah, it's different but better than riding inside all winter. And my indoor track is only about 8' long.
Yup, all those hazards are familiar to me; in fact, these days I avoid riding in temps lower than the 40s if there's been recent rain. It's too easy to miss a tiny spot of ice, particularly if you're paying attention to traffic or whatnot, and end up having a really bad day.

Cabin fever or broken collarbone? Hmmm...I'll take door number one since I don't heal up as fast as I once did

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