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Originally Posted by garryg View Post
Thank you T-Mar Serial number is 4C8716. Frame is 20 inches and wheel size is 26 by 13/4.. Balloon tire model? Front rim is Dunlop chrome, rear rim may be different or just lost chrome. Thanks for your help guys.
The serial number is for the 1939 calendar year. That year, the Canadian bicycle industry produced 70,567 bicycles. CCM's exact share is not known but is generally considered to be around 80-85% (i.e.~ 56,000 - 60,000). Consequently, being frame number 48,716 production may have taken quite late in the year and it could be a 1940 model. Unfortunately, there is no way to say for sure.

Regardless, 26" wheels, in conjunction with a 20" frame, points towards a CCM Balloon Men's Roadster, though the single piece crankset remains an anomaly. According to my March 1939 and November 27, 1939 price lists, this model came with the three piece Triplex crankset and was not downgraded to a single piece crankset until the 1941 model year. So, it would appear that the crankset was replaced at some point.

Of course, it is missing the rear fender. There was a mattress saddle option on some models around this era, so the saddle could be orignal. The brand may provide a further clue. It would not have had a factory installed chainguard, so that's one thing you don't have to worry about. Original tyres would have been 26" x 2" but they're getting hard to find.

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