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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
The is my homemade tool is for removing the fixed cup on the bottom bracket. Itís aimed more at the fixed cup side but it would work for the adjustable cup side as well and allow you to get more leverage on the tool without it camming out of the cup. Instead of the Park HCW-4, use an HCW-11.

Since you have a cottered crank, youíll need the crank arm to hold the tool in place. Use the nondrive arm and turn it around to give you more room.

Tool Assembly
The parts for the nutted spindle needed are shown here. Most everything can be found in just about any shop. The large fender washer is probably the only thing youíll have to go to a hardware store for.

A large fender washer, an adjustable cup, and the spindle nut are needed. Another washer may be needed to get the spacing right. The order of assembly follows

From above it should look like this

Turn the wrench as usual. If more leverage is needed, a cheater bar is needed.

For bolted spindles, the order of assembly is the same except a bolt is needed.

This method is much easier to use than other methods Iíve used. The spindle stabilizes the wrench and turns with it much like a cartridge bearing does. It makes it easier to remove the fixed cup and results in less blood spilled.
The drive side has the same exact style of cafes the non drive side.
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