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I worked on this low mileage freewheel a bit and think it is okay now. The freewheel turned stiffly, but it didn’t seem as if it was from the pawls locking it up. The backside has what looks like pin spanner wrench holes in it which allowed a spray nozzle from a can to fit right in. I was able to directly blast some brake cleaner in a hole, and it instantly loosened up. I spent a bit of time spinning and squirting and working both ways so as to exercise the pawls too. Then came the gear oil that went in easily on both ends. Once again spinning and working and then letting sit for a couple hours. As dddd suggested I previously had the bearings ever so slightly loose and put the wheel back on. It spins very very nice and eventually comes to rest with the stock reflector in the spokes at the bottom. Perhaps dried factory grease was in it gumming up the balls making it bind, or maybe some rust was in there too from lots of sitting. I’m not quite throwing in the towel yet, especially as it wears my first wheel build.
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