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Originally Posted by tiger1964 View Post
You got that right! Maybe they bent the bars to shape from straight stock after passing through the stem?

Micrometer says about 24.7mm inside diameter. How do I know? Because...

Upon reflection, I decided that's correct. So, to possibly save the stem, I hacksawed the bars to release the stem. So, my WTB 1.0 is to find bars to fit, my WTB 2.0 would be bars and a stem. Unsure what bars fit a 24.7mm hole.

Presuming I found some 23.8's, to fit a 24.7mm stem means 0.45mm shim. AM i calculating that right at 17.72 1000th's of an inch thick? Less any desired clearance, if indeed any is desired (I'm going through a "clearance crisis" on a seat post now at the same time).
I think I should not say anything more than "Godspeed!" It sounds like you're on the path.

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