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Originally Posted by nlerner View Post
Well, thanks to the enabling of @thumpism and @clubman, those two bikes are now in my possession. Here's the Raleigh Sports:

You can see that rear hub is "AW Patent" without a date code, which I believe = its first year of production: 1936. I have PDFs of the 1935 and 1936 catalogs, and am not seeing a perfect match, but something about this one leads me to believe that it's all original, maybe even the B17 "made in Great Britain" (though that looks more late 1940s to me)? Wheels are EA3/26 x 1 3/8".

The grips are a brand I've never seen before:

Warren, if you want that stem, email me: lerner dot n at gmail dot com.

Oh, and this Peugeot was the other bike in the lot, some sort of early 70s UO8 variant. Also seems quite original:

That's the most interesting Raleigh I've seen in a while. This is pre-hockey stick and models without chaincases had bare chainrings. I have to find my backup files with catalogs and load em into this new computer. I don't remember when the hockey sticks started. Post war I think. Anyway...I'm done with projects and I have a pre-war Raleigh stem in good condition.
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