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Originally Posted by BigChief View Post
That's the most interesting Raleigh I've seen in a while. This is pre-hockey stick and models without chaincases had bare chainrings. I have to find my backup files with catalogs and load em into this new computer. I don't remember when the hockey sticks started. Post war I think. Anyway...I'm done with projects and I have a pre-war Raleigh stem in good condition.
Thanks, BC! I have this stem in my bin that came off a ‘37 Sports that had spent many decades in someone’s back yard:

Could be a good candidate for one of those DIY plating kits once I sand off all the corrosion?

To complicate matters, I asked a knowledgeable friend about the rear hub, and he’s fairly convinced that it’s from 1946. Hmm. Here's the Sports page from the 1947-48 Raleigh UK catalog. Lots of hits, except for wheel size: Mine has EA3 or 26 1 3/8" Dunlop rims (and stainless spokes), not EA1 or 26 x 1 1/4".

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