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Originally Posted by wrk101 View Post
Picture PB Bikes getting a hold of those parts, and reselling $100 each piece!
Actually, let's not. Barry clearly has a business model which works for him. I recall him saying (several years ago, so it might well no longer be true) that much of his stuff goes to Japan where the buyers are much more high-end/collector-oriented in their tastes and are more willing to open their wallets. Looking at his current offerings it seems his inventory isn't as esoteric as it once was. I assume he buys out inventory from closed shops, organizes it, then puts it up on eBay, piece by piece. At the moment he has more than 4500 active listings. That's a metric **** ton of storage space, photography and listing activity (even with bulk listings tools). You are not obligated to buy anything if you don't want. Would you rather it be sold for scrap, shipped to China to be melted down, then reconstituted as cheap lawn chairs sold on Alibaba?
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