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Originally Posted by Jharrington View Post
Hi Cirp, I’m going to say it’s most likely a bike made in the early 90's. Yokota Cycle USA's 1st model year was 1989. The Yokota Japanese experiment did start until maybe 1992, so where around then. Any serial numbers found on the fork would be most likely for the fork exclusively.
Yes, the date code found on the fork's steerer tube will be the date of fork manufacture by the fork contractor., in this case likely tange. However, in my experience, the date codes found on forks are typically within a few months of the frame date and are consequently a good method to date the frame, provided it isn't a replacement fork. In this case, it would appear to be OEM.

I find it very hard to place this frameset into the early 1990s, let alone 1989. Unicrown forks started replacing traditional forks on ATBs circa 1986 and were almost globally spec'd by 1989, While TIG took slightly longer to catch on, it was also dominant on ATBs by 1989. A circa 1990 ATB with atraditonal fork crown and lugs would be a real anomaly..
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