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Originally Posted by Slowride79 View Post
I can see why you would think Mackinaw.

D actually means “the strait” in French

Ok, not being a native Michigander my schooling never covered that. I learned about a British fortress on the Detroit river at Amherstburg (that is where I read all about this), where the cannon overlooked a strait between the Canadian mainland and a smaller island is between there and Grosse Isle. It dates back to the War of 1812, or the French-Indian war, and it prevented ships from passing into Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, and Lake Superior, as well as the dozens of rivers which feed them. Apparently at that time all the other channels related to Grosse Isle were impassable. Today of course there are deep ship channels cut there which of course enable the Great Lakes freighters and international ships access from the Port of Chicago to the Atlantic Ocean. But I don't know much about container ships sailing past Chicago on the way to Mackinaw. In the days of sail those didn't exist.

I wish I knew more about the Great Lakes in the War of 1812.
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