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I wonder if the down tube has an impact scar where the caliper's cable adjuster/QR hit it. This type of booboo can bend the arm and/or the center bolt to an angle like your photo shows.

If this is what happened it would seem that bending the arms would re establish the pad alignment. However some caliper arms have been made of an Al alloy that doesn't like being bent and might snap off (Universal and Berilla are two I know of as examples).

Looking closer at the image it looks like the center bolt might be bent. Being made of steel this could be straightened w/o concerns (taking the usual care that bending stuff takes). I have straightened many center bolts over the years and it goes a long ways to ending up with better pad/rim alignment. Remove the center bolt and roll it on a flat surface to see where the bend is, mark it with a Sharpie and hold the bolt in the jaws of a bench vice (a rag wrapped around the portion in the jaws protect the threads) and I like to use a drift punch to better locate where I am focusing the hammer blow. Tap/hammer as needed with checking the bolt's straightness with each blow. For an experienced wrench this might take all of 10 minutes including the reassembly of the caliper. Andy
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