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So using the prowheelbuilder.com default Mavic A719 ERD of 601...
deore xt 760 hub front. But it's actually a HB-T780 hub....
36 spoke
3 cross
That gives me 292.1mm.

So that's still looking correct, even based on how I calculated the 2016 rear wheels. This would be rounding down .1mm. The 2016 wheels were rounding up .6 and 1.3mm.

And then I actually cracked the hub from too much tension.... While I was cranking those nipples, I was thinking I was running out of thread. That's why I was thinking I'd go on the shorter side for these. But then the spoke needs be be fairly even with the notched in butt end of the nipple so it's structurally supported.

292mm still looks good.
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