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Bike Stem Riser SR100

Brand: Trifox
Model: SR100
Product Name: Bike Stem Riser
Material: Aluminum alloy
Height: 120mm
Increase height: 85mm
Diameter: 28.6mm
Weight: 177g
Suitable for customers with relatively low handlebars.
The height of the stem can be increased by about 50mm to 85mm by adjusting the bushing of Stem Riser.
The operation is simple.

installation method:
  • Remove the top hex screw;
  • Loosen the rear screws of the stem;
  • Remove the stem;
  • Loosen the rear screw on the handlebar raiser, insert our stem raiser, adjust the height according to the spacer you need;
  • Install the stem;
  • Tighten the top screw;
  • Tighten the rear screw of the stem;
  • Tighten the rear screws on the stem raiser, and the installation is finish。
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