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Originally Posted by benetga View Post
Still using KKRM. I don't see a reason to upgrade now until I get results from my stress test. My heart rate is consistently above the 220-65 = 155max heart rate so I told doctor about this and am scheduled for the test. I can maintain a rate of 160-170 bpm the entire time I'm on zwift and feel fine. So until the test I'm backing off and riding with my heart rate in 140/150 range. No sense in spending the money until I know if I can push it a little harder and use the benefit of the increased intensity a smart trainer would provide.
It will be interesting to hear what the Doc says. The 220-age formula for max HR is not at all accurate, but it never seems to die! FWIW my max HR is 191 when that useless formula says it should be only 166. My Lactate Threshold HR is around 179 and I can ride for several hours at 166. Truth is there is a very wide variation in individual max HR and so you can't just apply a simple age-related formula like that. It might work out as an average value over a large sample of subjects, but will be completely useless for any individual within that sample.
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